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Hi, my name is Slava Ptrk. I am a street artist from Russia, now I live between Moscow and Ekaterinburg. I am a journalist by education. I usually work with the surrounding social and political reality, and respond to urgent challenges of the time and the world around me. While creating, I try to keep my works accurate, concise, clear, sharp and relevant to the moment. Artworks are always inscribed in a physical and informational context of the place where they are created. I also like other people to engage in my projects, so they become partners and co-authors. Participation, interactivity and understanding to a wide audience are essential aspects of my work.

One of my main tool is irony. I try to speak ironically about absurdity that is happening right now, over the absurdity of the surrounding reality. This is a general topic for me, a source of inspiration, and a platform for new works. I do not associate my works with particular tools, specific genres or techniques. They can be anything — drawings, installations, performances or just posts in social networks. I started with stencils and posters, gradually expanding my arsenal genre by genre. In my portfolio, you can find monumental paintings (“Here and now”, “Good harvest”), situational actions (“Dirtburg”, “Fuck it, let’s dance”) or installations and sculptures (“Just Beside Us”, “Through the fingers”). Sometimes I embed my works in a context of the city (series “Street dirt”, “Loneliness”), and in some other projects – subordinate the surrounding context to my needs (drawings on the stairs, “Tenderness” series). I’m not chained to one technique. I love to move forward and experiment finding the right shape for each new idea.

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