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Dreams of Reason

Slava Ptrk.

Dreams of Reason.

18/04/2023 – 15/05/2023.

Montenegro European Art Community, Budva, Montenegro.

“The bread is poisoned and the air is drunk.”

О. Mandelstam

“There was an indescribable serenity in the falling plane. The stewardess Shurochka A. was an angel incarnate in those moments. She acted as if it was even funny, that nothing terrible was happening, and the plane was super-modern, so why be afraid!”

“Really, we live in strange times.”

Б. Brecht


While anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, astrologers and tarologists argue about human nature, collective guilt, the role of the individual in history, morality and responsibility amidst the routine and ordinariness of decay, decay and dying, behind dusky hopes we swim, surviving and adapting, trying to outdo the horror and blinking more often than we breathe.

Traces of invisible and visible catastrophe burn holes in our notions, thought systems, world views, attitudes and hopes, which we promptly plug with everyday conversation or a new picture from the internet.

Images that should drive you insane become graphic elements, inconspicuous and familiar backgrounds, horrors gather in vivid patterns of the news feed, blurring and lulling the tired eye.

The Dreams of Reason exhibit is a collection of egregious nightmares that (in known ways?) have become our reality. What has brought us here and how do we keep our eyes open while the black goo keeps dragging us down into the abyss?

Written by Daria Epin