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Solo project in Graphite Space, Moscow.

30.04.2022 – 14.05.2022

The project “Macabre” by Slava Ptrk traces the heritage of folk and ritual cultures, adopted by modern ones: rave and club cultures. The semantic aspect was lost, but special requirements for costumes, rhythm, glossary, scenery, etc. were preserved.

In a hedonistic quest for intense sensations, the masses gather to share a special visual and sensory experience.

Erasing social boundaries, forgetting about the type of activity and status, past and future, the participants merge in a single rhythm, repeating monotonous actions, backed up by certain liquids or substances. In a semi-hypnotic trance state, they reveal their basic instincts and desires. But in dark spaces among strangers, this is by no means scary: no one will stop, condemn, or remember anything the next day. It is easy to get lost in the crowd, adjust to the general rhythm.

How natural, primitively joyful it is to take a break from the reflection imposed by intellectualism, lay down the burden of responsibility and not think, not even think for a minute.

Daria Epine, curator.

Total installation – exhibition space/concert space. Musicians and DJs from different genres played in this space during the exhibition every weekend.

Soil, plaster bones, metal, neon, mirror plastic, audio and light equipment. Heavy rock and electronic music was played in this room all of the time during the working hours of exhibition.

Thanks: Daria, Uvais, Dima, Vlada, Oleg, Kolya, Icy Flame and to all musicians who played in Macabre.

Photo by Peter Zakharov.