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Again and again. Part 2

“Again and again” – series of side-specific works. In this case I trying to make illusion of recursion on the certain wall. To reach the success, i need to research very thoroughly this spot before staringt, to know every crack and dent. And if I did it good, I have a chance to make realistic copy of all these things, and make illusion of infinity on the flat wall, to confuse the viewer, to make him doubt in his reality.

Second part – from USA and Switzerland.


San Francisco, USA, 2019. Made during the AIR program by CEC Artslink and ZERO1.

Spot before:

Spot after:

Sheep-house totally painted with graffiti. Three-side recursion.

Burgdorf, Switzerland, 2021. Art was made during AIR program in Fabrik.

Object before:

Object after: