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Black series. Part 3.

A series of street works, simple geometric shapes made with black latex paint. This project is about the feeling of searching and finding yourself, about emigration/relocation and escaping, about anxiety and fear around you then you left your zone of comfort. At the same time, this project is about a permanent sense of imminent catastrophe, about the feeling of the disaster nearby. Maybe this catastrophe has already happened and we haven’t noticed it, and  maybe we still try not to notice this new reality. Simple and raw black color helps to express all these feelings and thoughts. Scale helps to create an environment, a situation to interact with. Most of the works were made in desolate and empty buildings like hotels, houses, factories, churches and other atmospheric and colorful but forgotten places.

Untitled (Goodbye blue sky)
Reževići, Montenegro.
42.214698, 18.928027.
Photo by Vladimir Abikh.

Untitled (Disappearing).
Marata 78, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
59.920062, 30.341986.

Untitled (mouth).
Sutomore, Montenegro.
42.133205, 19.061632.

Untitled (inside).
Podgorica, Montenegro.
42.423423, 19.254959.

Untitled (in front of).
Kotor, Montenegro.
42.417707, 18.768126.

Черногория, 2023.