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Cargo 200

Together into the bright future!
Tantamaresque based on «Cargo 200» movie by Alexey Balabanov.
Right now my compatriots happily and incorrectly quote some phrases by the grand actor Sergey Bodrov on his characters from the movies directed by grand Alexey Balabanov, change and soil the context during this quoting. «Brother» and «Brother 2» movies are especially popular right now. Anyway, authors of the original thoughts can’t protest it. In the same time I recall again and again another movie by the same director – dark and hard «Cargo 200». A lot of parallels of this movie and it characters can be notice right now in the modern Russia. It’s like all of us are playing one or another role in this macabre movie. Unfortunately, non one of them didn’t have a happy fate.
But, it’s okey, we look with the optimism into the bright future, and it doesn’t matter how dark is our present!

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Bolshaya Pesherskaya street 82a
56.321765, 44.040665
Thanks to Alexander, Alexander, Alexander and Stas.