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Childhood in the front of tv set. Part 3

The third part of “Childhood in the front of TV set” series. Works were made in 2021 in Moscow, the Moscow region, Voronezh, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don.

So, we made a deal and split up. Street version of The Lion King and Russian movie Bumer.

Widescreen print, glue.

Kolomna, coordinates 55.107217, 38.767318

Thanks to Dima and Natasha.

Photo by Timur Ikoev. 

Timooon! Second part of mix of Russian classical gangsta movie “Bumer” and characters from “The Lion King”.

Moscow, 1st Kurianovskaya street, 22/3 – backyard of the same store that heroes was robbing in the end of the movie.

Thanks to Anna and Roma.

Machine gun Maxim. Yes, in the same backyard where Danila with brother finished chase in “Brother 2” movie.

Moscow, Solyanka street, 1/2-2.

Thanks to Maxim and Vika.

Not kids anymore. Bart Simpson and some adult entertainments with plastic bag.

Location: abounded school in Verbilki, Moscow region.

Coordinates: (56.5261194, 37.6011331)

Location and photo by my bro Sasha Pilot_13

Arabian night! Mix of Russian realities from 90s and Aladdin cartoon.

Russia, Voronezh.

51.6690153, 39.2101917

Thanks to Yan and Natalie. 

Bandito, Gangsterito. Mix of characters from soviet cartoon “Adventures of Capitan Wrongel” and realities of Russian 90s.

Russia, Sochi, abandoned restaurant on Ahun mountain.

43.5471328, 39.8533904

Thanks to Natalie. 

When your boss wants to dance. 

Russia, Rostov on Don

47.2226415, 39.7357806

Thanks to Maxim.