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Childhood in the front of TV set. Final

The fourth and the final part of Childhood in the front of TV series. Works were made in 2021-2022 in Ekaterinburg, Moscow and Tver region.

We bring a laughter and joy to the people. Based on the famous Soviet cartoon “The Bremen Town musicians”.

Specially for Carte Blanche festival.

Made near legendary clothing market “Tagansky ryad”.

Ekaterinburg, Russia

(56.8665710, 60.5536345)

Thanks to Eva, Vova and Ilya Mozgi. 

Photo by Vladimir Abikh.

I’m off or Last speech. From childhood in the front of TV set series.

Specially for Carte Blanche festival.

Russia, Ekaterinburg, Yeltsin street / Cheluskincev street.

(56.8460669, 60.5862465)

Thanks to Eva and Ilya Mozgi.

Sultan’s team must be going to court! On the same place where Last speech was placed.
I like dialogues with urban environment and citizens, as well as such graffiti narratives that evolve over time.
Changed political slogan from Russian 90s – Yeltsin’s team must be going to court.
Ekaterinburg, Russia.
56.8460669. 60.5862465
Thanks to Nastia.
Photo by Ilya Mozgi.

Gadget Hackwrench. Fresh and sexy version’21. Six posters with different colours of underwear.

Six spots in Moscow and nearby:

55.909817, 37.669562

55.657252, 37.828418

55.633333, 37.944111

55.589333, 38.007306

55.834833, 38.386231

56.257240, 38.175607

Huge thanks to Panoramik.

Ural rock music! 

Young music lover parrot Kesha discovering classic tapes from Ural rock wave – music bands like Nautilus Pompilius, Chaif, Agatha Christie, Urfin Jus, Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii 

Ekaterinburg, Russia, near ex-Sverdlovsk rock club.

(56.8399122, 60.5962605)

Thanks to Maria and Nastia. 

Photo by Ilya Mozgi.


Moscow, near the place where the central office of the famous Russian financial pyramid “MMM” was located in the 90s

55.685688, 37.622316

Thanks to Yury Birukov.


Final work in this series, scene of inauguration of successor of old sultan.

Work was made of the road from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow.
Location – abandoned recreation center in village called Bolshie Borki, Tver region.
Entrance here: 56.826325, 35.587968
Thanks to Maxim Manay and Sasha Pilot_13.