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Street texts 2021-2023

A few random street works with text that I’ve made in 2019-2020 in Switzerland, Finland, Russia and Montenegro.

I used to do graffiti, but now I’m over it.

Burgdorf, Switzerland, 2021. Specially for Fabrik Residency.

I used to be in graffiti community, but now I’m outside of it.

Helsinki, Finland, 2022. Specially for Helsinki Urban Art residency.

Hey teacher! Leave the kids alone!

Abondoned school bus from North Carolina found in Smolensk region, Russia.

Summer 2022.

And my fate wants to get some rest
I promised her not to take part in a game of war.
Tivat, Montenegro.
42.416010, 18.738751
Thanks to Ilya, Pasha, Nastya, Lera.

Not perfect, not terrible.

Vladimir Abikh, Ilya Mozgi, Slava Ptrk

Romul x Helvetica x Bebas
Petrovac, Montenegro, 2023

42.1967490, 18.9610264.