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The Rat

I descended into the hold,
Had a talk with Mr. Rat in control,
Rats scurry to the shore, bold,
Hoping for salvation, a fate to extol.

When the war started and a lot of people were fleeing from Russia, I had a talk with one of my loved ones. He said that «escape it’s a choice of rats». I didn’t argue with him and kept silent. Then I decided to cling to the deck harder and wait. But today is exactly 13 months since this little rat fled from the ship, and he’s still looking for his side. I don’t know what kind of ship Russia is and where it goes. And I rather don’t know if I will step on its deck again someday or it’s never gonna happen. My wish to everybody, whether you choose to leave or stay, is to find your side, your own land, and don’t lose yourself during this search. If you’ve already found yours – don’t give it to anybody, to any assholes and idiots. You won’t have a spare home, probably. And one day there’s nowhere to run.
Maybe I’ll understand it too, eventually.

Location: former military base in the center of Podgorica, Montenegro.
Coordinates: 42.447628, 19.261605.
Thanks: Natalie, Vladimir.