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To be honest

Special project for NuArt Festival. Text about lying made of lake blue sand and spray glue.

Text: «To be honest, I’ve never lied. In my life, I’ve never lied to my relatives, friends, colleagues, and even casual acquaintances. I’ve never lied to my girlfriend, my mother and father, my teachers, bosses, customers and clients. I’ve never cheated, stolen of defamed. I didn’t distort the facts, embellish, underestimate or perjure. I was honest on all exams, interviews, meetings and dates in my life. Lies have never appeared in my speeches, or text, or even in thoughts. I’ve never lied, neved said or wrote lies. Never. Except this time».

Blue river sand, spray-glue, hand-cut stencil.
Special for NUART FESTIVAL, Stavanger, Norway.
Big thanks to James FinucaneMartyn ReedAnne Schmidt, Vegar Halvorsen, María Camila Cepeda and Marina Dabagyants.