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The public art project that uses Soviet symbols and the urban environment. The work offers the viewer to reflect on the past of his country, the Soviet period in the history of Estonia. Barbed wire, where instead of sharpened spikes uses the Soviet stars with a hammer and sickle inside – it’s a symbol of unfreedom, censorship, iron curtain, tight control by the authorities. Also, this image refers to the prison – because it is the territory of the prison (or camp) is carried by barbed wire, so that those inside did not escape. The Soviet government kept under strict control all countries and people that were part of the Soviet Union or are in the sphere of influence of the regime. Estonia was no exception. Leaving “the best country in the world”,” where everyone can breathe freely and easily”, was as difficult as escaping from prison.



The place for drawing is also chosen nonrandom. Booth of light color, elongated up form, resembles a human body, wrapped in barbed wire – a kind of reference to the performance of Peter Pavlensky “Beef”, when the artist was naked inside the “cocoon” of barbed wire on one of the Central streets of Moscow. It is very symbolic that, as it turned out in the process of drawing, the chosen building was not an abandoned transformer booth, but a living apartment with everything necessary for a comfortable life inside. There is really lives a man, a young Estonian guy. So, it turns out that the Russian artist wrapped barbed wire with Soviet symbols the Estonian man’s house, without the consent and knowledge of the owner – tough, but quite bright historical parallel, referring to the events of the first half of the 20th century. The past, even the darkest, should not be forgotten, otherwise there is a danger of its repeat in the future.