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Untitled by unknown author

A conceptual side-specific piece based on the work with an existing object near the wall. Essentially, a hypertrophied explication is created on the wall, painted by the artist in collaboration with a professional curator Daria Epina. This is done to shift the viewer’s attention from the work of the artist (me) to the work of an unknown author – a smile carved into the wall.

Text of work:


Unknown author


Subtle and hidden under a layer of city dust, an amazing artifact appears before our eyes: a direct expression of the fleeting emotion of an anonymous author, captured in eternity.

Presumably, the author created the work impulsively: trembling lines, sharp tilt and position of the drawing indicate the spontaneity of the creative impulse. At the same time, the very nature of this visual symbol contains a connection with magical primitive experience, known hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

The date of creation of the image is approximate, and yet we can notice the change in the meaning of the symbol over the time.

Conducting a dialogue with the external environment, the author tried to communicate his emotion in the most abstract and multicultural language of graphic symbols.

“:)”, also known as “smile” (an icon or a combination of alphanumeric characters, conventionally depicting a semblance of a face with an emotion and inserted into the text (usually – in emails, SMS messages, etc.)), placed in the urban surroundings becomes a bold declaration of unstructured, uncontrollable freedom of expression and creative power over city and space.

The expressiveness of this artistic sign shows the value of “unofficial” spontaneous art, often created on pure enthusiasm and sometimes in unfavorable or even dangerous conditions, filling our cities without any permission at its own peril and risk, but capable of significant, poignant statements.

Thanks to Ursula, Peter, Stass.