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White series. Part 1

White series – it’s a simple and almost abstract drawings around the city. I try to interact with place, play with surface, make a new senses and accents. Not-street-art street art project, it’s not obvious – to recognise art in these white forms. 

It looks like a work of city services – like a traces of removed graffiti. That was one of my goal – to make my works look like a “buff”, and through that save them. But in other hand, all these white figures have smooth and proper sharps.

One of the reasons why I’ve started this series was a inner fight with fear, fear of giant city called Moscow, city with thousands of policeman’s and janitors. It’s hard to comeback to street after long break. And I’ve never painted on the Moscow’s street so often as now. You approaching this feeling of “your city” gradually, and you start thinking bravely and feel more freedom.

Shapes of my painting depend on what I’ve found – certain surface and what is already there, on the wall. Before I can start painting outside I should do some preparations inside – make a few mock-ups in Photoshop, 4-5 variants for each wall. I have to consider shape of the wall, her texture, and buff-patch’s, of course. If there is a white patch – I need to fit my work into it, use it carefully and clever. This method makes a lot of problems for me – everything changes pretty fast in Moscow, and I couldn’t find same buffs on the wall then I prepared sketch and came.

So I confused the viewers – is it buff or art? And how did it and for what?

Продолжение следует.