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Fuck it, let’s dance

One hundred people – fifty couples – waltzing on the ice of a snowcovered lake in Ekaterinburg, Moscow. At a certain moment the couples stop, the partners step away from each other, and from the height of a bird’s flight the inscription becomes visible – «Fuck it, let’s dance». After that the partners converge in dance again.

This project is about keeping optimism in any situation, no matter what happens around. Optimism with a healthy «I-don’t-care» point of view. We have to live our life and do our job, do it cool without bothering with politics and external problems, move forward and believe in ourselves. If you can change something, change it. If you can’t – forget it. Fuck it, and keep on dancing.

The project was presented on March 19, 2018, the morning after the presidential election in Russia.


choreography – Dasha Baidina;

video – Vladimir Abikh;

operators – Vladimir Abikh, Albert Gabsatarov, Mikhail Belov.

Ekaterinburg, 2018