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MY TOWER project

You can find our application #Моя_башня (My Tower) in App Store and Google Play.

My Tower is a world first Digital Art AR application allows to place a city scale virtual Tower which was demolished earlier.

Ekaterinburg, Russia.
240 meters high abandoned TV tower after 30 years under construction stage was blown up on March 24, 2018. Tower was an important part of city landscape and non-official symbol of Yekaterinburg. Many different reconstruction projects were proposed in last few years, from living building, restaurant, to church, city view point, lighthouse etc. On 2017 city authorities sold the land and tower was blown up. Society reaction split on 2, first says that city lost a symbol others were happy to have a sky arena instead of dangerous abandoned tower in the city center. Meanwhile the story of Tower just about to begin.

Today, internet allows you to access any information in any time. Books, pictures, movies, music – acquires digital immortality in mirroworld. Architectural objects with cultural and historical value but not preserved by man could turn into virtual monuments. Augmented reality allows us to reproduce destroyed building in a city scale on place. We decide to digitalize Tower because we think that it is an important part of the city and self identification  tool for citizens.

All you need is a mobile device with installed application. Find one of many posters with tower we placed around the city, launch application, rotate your phone camera on side where tower was  and you will see an augmented reality, exact copy of real tower. User can freely walk around and observe it from any angle and position, tower is back.

Also, we added ability to return the tower with google maps and yandex maps in satellite mode, and with simple transport e-card.

Its not enough to build a digital copy of a tower – it’s too simple and boring. We decide to turn it into the biggest virtual monument in the world, a digital gallery for artists from all around the world. Digital DNA of “new tower” give us a freedom to play. Artist could paint it, reshape it, animate it, even demolish a copy. Tower as a digital gallery will be changing a skins with different varieties and adjustments. It’s unique place and environment for artist to represent a thoughts with radically different scale of freedom and scale of meanings. New skins proposed as an optional feature and user just free to choose.

Digital monument of demolished tower it’s not just a resurrected symbol for a city it’s a new landmark, new place of attraction, constantly updated gallery of worldwide artworks from different contemporary artists. My Tower project its a statement for new as an alternative to binary good or bad and there are no power to abolish it.

It’s non commercial project made by group of enthusiast who just loves Ekaterinburg. We think that it’s important to save a key city scale objects in a digital layer. The real object can decay, fall apart, disappear opposite to digital twin which exist as long as the technology itself. Physical objects always have a fixed status, owner, boundaries, forms and restrictions. Virtual object may belong to a city, it hovers in a server cloud or decentralized and sorted on any personal devices.

It’s belong to everyone.

Slava Ptrk – idea, markers, texts

Evgeny Krishtal – modeling

Grigory Kashtanov – development of the app

Darya Veretennikova – design

Anatoly Veretennikov – video

Ivan Puzyrev – producing

Thanks to Maria Balakireva, Alek Devyatov, Artur, Artem.