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Autocenter Pod Gorica Gallery

Autocenter Pod Gorica Gallery.

New project called Autocenter Pod Gorica will be opened this Saturday, 18th November at 2 p.m.

Artists – Galina Bakinova, fish with legs, Kaussi @kaussi_huyart, Anton Ketov @anton_ketov, Maria Makoš @mariamakoskakos, Masha Molokova @masha.molokova, Taya Lovina @tyika, Masha Luch @ma.sha.luch, Ilya Mozgi @ilyamozgi, Mixa The Dude @mixathedude, Slava Ptrk @slavaptrk, Sofiamarid @sofiamarid_, Zuzembe27 @zuzembe.

Place – abandoned auto center and gas station near Podgorica, Montenegro.

42.455216, 19.186757.

A venue before the intervention:

Работы участников выставки:

Galina Bakinova, Taya Lovina – Dream Road.

The “Dream Road” installation invites the viewer to contemplate life through the metaphor of a road adventure. It symbolizes the journey, dreams, and the pursuit of freedom.

Each element of the installation carries its own meaning: the pink color, representing dreams and the fulfillment of desires. Pink also serves as a vivid symbol of femininity, urging liberation from stereotypes, limitations, and the narrow confines of societal expectations.

The car door, typically associated with movement and travel, becomes a metaphor for the door to a new world of possibilities and uncertainty.

“Dream Road” encourages viewers to reflect on the meaning of their own life paths and the dreams they wish to fulfill. It extends an invitation to embrace the uncertainty of the future not with fear, but with curiosity and excitement—a readiness for new challenges that may arise on the journey toward self-expression and freedom.

Galina Bakinova, Taya Lovina – Interaction at a Distance.

Communication issues remain one of the central themes of the immigrant experience. The ability to hear and be heard has never been more important for individuals. However, communication is disrupted due to distance. Our voices are transformed and distorted through phones, headphones, and other technical and digital devices designed to maintain communication. Does this mean that hearing an undistorted voice over a distance is impossible? This is the question we pose in the immersive work ‘Interaction at a Distance.’

Two spectators play a crucial role in this work, standing back to back at marked spots. Being a few meters apart and unable to see each other, they can start a conversation and hear the other person’s voice almost directly above their ear. This audio effect is possible thanks to a dome through which sound passes and reflects. The crucial moment is when a participant can only hear the voice of their interlocutor. Moreover, it is a live voice without distortion. What words will the participants say to each other? Can they have a meaningful conversation? How strong is the ‘pure’ voice effect for them?

Fish with Legs – Untitled.

Kaussi – Rolling Field.

In drought, it curls into a ball, detaches from the ground, and rushes through the desert in search of water. It can take a century, and when the rolling field reaches its destination, its branches turn green and straighten. If rain comes, droplets release seeds from the plant, and soon young shoots emerge around it. This process continues until the next drought, and the cycle repeats itself.

Anton Ketov – We All Disappeared.

We were moving along the road at a speed of one kilometer per day. Several days of waiting, knowing that most likely they wouldn’t let you through… there, in this incredible traffic jam, there were those who fled from Russia and ended up there by chance, people who drove to Saratov for groceries from the border regions of Kazakhstan, and trucks that brought their goods a week later. We saw the world very clearly then; everything was perfectly understandable. There was a goal, to cross that damn border. Back then, we didn’t know that we were flying into the unknown, probably forever. And the road remains empty after us…

We dissolved into the vast world, and now, being so far from that border, I recall the moment when they stamped my entry into Kazakhstan. The stamp was the starting point of my flight into the unknown… it was at that moment, even though it was the second departure from Russia since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


Mary’s ways are mysterious.

abandoned car service behind a wide mountain that hides the sun and reveals a horizontal view of the tops of the blue mountains behind the clouds. Group exhibition on the ruins of broken glass, concrete dust, old cabinets and glass wool. There are giant posters of cars on the walls. The part of the roof in the middle of the building is decorated with a beautiful glass dome, almost preserved.

The theme of the overall exhibition is the path. my inspiration was my own path, which in the past was closely related to speed and roads. a greedy look, fingers clenched in a spasm, a rolled cash and smooth concrete stripes of dust. at the same time, the pose of the self-portrait is copied from Egon Schiele’s painting “Reclining Nude” 1917, it is invitingly relaxed, the living lines of the body breathe and tremble, there is hot blood juice and soft accepting flesh in it .

Every person born on earth goes through this path of entry and exit. these paths are inscrutable. just like my personal journey.

Mary’s ways are inscrutable.

Masha Molokova – Performance with Beliyashes.

Masha Luch – Go Back.

“Path” can be understood as a physical road, a vector of movement, distance, or as a choice that becomes internal movement and an impulse for transformations. Exploring these points turns into conceptual art through an installation. The medium for dialogue with the viewer is a board game-maze. An important element is the enlarged scale of the game scheme, which makes the viewer feel very small in this context.

The opportunity to step on a cell and find oneself inside the game creates an interesting interaction between the viewer and the installation and invites the audience to become part of the artwork. The field scheme is partially drawn, with the main focus on the central black cell with the number 10. It becomes the central element of the project, inviting the player who lands on it to “start the game again.”

The installation is complemented by a pair of dice, each of which has the same numerical values on each side. With any hypothetical roll of the dice, the result is always one number: 10. This is the moment the game begins. This choice emphasizes the hypothetical and fixed nature of the situation, prompting the viewer to reflect on predetermination. The viewer is confronted with a choice in interpreting what is happening. This becomes a key event, triggering a series of reflections and emotions. It can be perceived as a hopeless tragedy, a closed loop, or as a new opportunity and a fresh start. Another option is to decide that one is not part of the game, introducing an element of dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. Thus, the project “Go back” encourages viewers to reflect on the nature of the path, choice, and possibilities in contemporary society.

Ilya Mozgi – ‘4.1.1 Move Straight, Don’t Look Back.’

Using the images of road signs ‘Move Straight,’ the artist constructs a closed circle that is impossible to leave without acting against the rules. Changing the trajectory of movement, overcoming the cyclicality of one’s actions, surpassing oneself, one’s weaknesses, and fears to reach a new level is considered one of the most challenging tasks by the author.

The drawing on the wall hints, ‘Break out of the closed circle.’

Misha Oger – What goes around comes around.

The theme of the road and journey, as declared by the exhibition curator, I decided to explore through the quote of the main law of karma – “what goes around comes around.” In my view, both in the global and local context, especially in our uncertain times, we all need more faith in this fundamental law of the universe – that every action of ours has consequences. In other words, I just wanted to remind all of us once again that the consequences are not far behind.

Slava Ptrk – Something on the roadside

Grunge orange wall in the abandoned auto center + ad poster with red FIAT and auto logos + photo of the downed cat processed with AI. 

Slava Ptrk – Quotes of the greatest minds.

Anonymous author.

Sofiamarid – And where have you come to?

Sometimes the world is bursting at the seams, and we still continue to go somewhere, often even aimlessly — just trying to preserve ourselves. I can’t say for sure, whether all paths have an end point, but there are always several stops on each path — a great time to ask yourself some questions.

Road signs are one of the main attributes of traveling. We are all familiar with the generally accepted “road language”, but in search of new meanings I am talking about everyday symbols using photographs from Russia and Montenegro.


Zuzembe27 – Reverse?

Reverse? Go ahead? Sideways? Or maybe, well, put it in reverse gear like in a car and roll back for a while? And where can you go back in this case? Is there somewhere to return to? And there, behind, is it good and calm, or is nothing good waiting for you either? So what should we do?