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The land of opportunity

The land of opportunity

Installation on the building of an abandoned hospital in Yekaterinburg, representing the text “land of opportunity”, laid attached to the wall by the crutches and canes.

Crutches has been found and purchased through ads from locals already don’t need them, in the period from March to December of 2015. The idea of the project is transform the populist slogan “land of opportunity” at a critical statement, the opposite of the original message of this text. In Russia formed a special relationship between the individual and the surrounding reality: between man and city, between man and state, between one and the other person. Russia is “a hard level of difficulty”, if the analogy with computer games. But there are those who cannot play at this level, can’t fit the generally accepted pattern, but it has, shall have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. This project is about these people.

In urban environment, the work exist about a day. The next day, after the publication of information about her in the media, text was destroyed by unknown people. After surviving that, the crutches given out gratuitously by the author to all who need them through the same ads. Thus the semantic range of the project is closed.

Yekaterinburg, 2015